Thursday, 18 March 2010

Looooong time .....

since you heard from me. Reason being, I have been busy!

The good news is that my mother is now much better and more consistently so: even the spasms in her neck are hardly bothering her (thanks to the osteopath and a physio friend of Fiona's who is teaching her how to sit to suit her neck. Fiona is determined to get her back to where she was in the Autumn (which will take time) and not to let her lie back and make old age an excuse for not doing anything.

It's difficult to know what's for the best: she still needs full-time care. We are gradually getting a list of people who suit her and Fiona is briefing them to encourage her to do as much as she can rather than running around after her too much. She needs a project to get stuck into, but what? The weather has got warmer, so she will be able to go out for a short walk and perhaps Fiona will drive her to the park to see the Spring happening (while it is - we are back to North winds next week!!)

I have been to Birmingham for a course residential and got hauled over the coals by the course director (with good reason: study has hardly happened this winter). So the 'busy' is with coursework (which didn't get off to a good start even when I did get going, as I came back from Birmingham with a cold.) I swear to it Virgin trains recycle everybody's germs around the train!

Sometimes I combine business with pleasure and decamp to the local coffee shop with my textbook. I sometimes work better with a background buzz of conversation. This does NOT apply if someone is having a good chinwag just next door to me, and even less does it if said person is yummy mummy plus sprog, and sprog is whingeing/screaming (or both!)!!

I haven't had time to make any cards recently, but here are some I made earlier: