Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Duvet day?

The sniffle I had at the weekend is now a snuffle and a cough, so I was tempted for a moment .....


- I just hate staying in bed (even when I am really ill)
- stew must be made (meat won't keep)
- I have a stack of washing up/tidying to do in the kitchen (before I can start cooking)
- Lying down does not help a cough
- It is not the lurgy, only an ordinary cold (so be thankful for small mercies)

Whichever of the lovely people who hugged me on Christmass day is the culprit I do not know, but the incubation period is about right for it to be one of them ;-)

I'm thinking of New Year projects (resolutions always sound like something you know will only live for 48 hours, so let's use a more positive title). I'm thinking of some short term and some longer term (might this keep the motivation going??) Some I know will be long term by nature, so to have some short term ones in there sounds good.

You will be glad to know that one of the shorter term ones is to add more interest to this blog - a little more colour at least, and if I can ever suss out how, a photo or two.

Update: Have done the first of these - there is now a little colour on here, so I hope it's a little more interesting to look at!

Sunday, 28 December 2008


Stuck my nose outside to go to Mass (my feet are still cold!) and get shopping. Noticed rubbish not gone (they do say they sometimes collect on Saturdays) ...... suspect we have to wait till Friday week .....

otherwise I am chilling - it is coldish even inside - and I observe Sunday as a day of rest to the extent that I don't force myself to rush to get something done unless I'm right up against a deadline.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

A short one today (I have all those projects to get done!) ....

I have indulged in chilling out today. Yesterday someone dropped by, so I only got as far as taking the rubbish out (isn't this the most exciting of blogs??). I rather wonder when it will get collected - our normal day is Thursday, so when will they catch up on two Bank Holidays??

Back to that kitchen that needs sorting out ....

Friday, 26 December 2008


Guess what? I know it's a long time since you heard from me ... (well, I did get a post half complete and then deleted it somehow .... ) but it's still more frequent than four months' intervals!!

Now for the 'what' ...


(excuse me for shouting: this hasn't happened for decades, so shouting on the web is the next best thing to shouting it from the rooftops .... and won't wake the neighbours)

since my last post ....

Christmass has happened! And I got a new digi-camera, so my friends on Crafts by Carolyn might be able to see my craft projects ..... but first:

- I have to complete some craft projects

- I have to learn how to use the camera

- I have to learn how to get them online

so it won't happen tomorrow!! I have a lot to learn first!

There's more good news, too. We had a good Christmass Day - and I got to Vigil Mass on Christmass Eve, which I haven't for ages because it's been too cold. As it was the First Mass of Christmass, we had the blessing of the crib: the priest said a prayer and then read the Christmass story from the second chapter of Luke's Gospel. Our childhood Christmasses always started at around 7.30 pm on Christmass Eve: we all got sat around the Christmass tree with something special to eat and my dad read that passage. We were all very eager to start opening presents, but he always made time to do that first so that we didn't forget the most important thing about Christmass:

"Lo within a manger lies
He who built the starry skies"

The new year will mark the 20th anniversary of his death (in August), so that had me missing him .....

We had a good day together - no critical comments and everyone got on well - my mum wasn't worried by lunch at 4 pm (we had two turkeys to cook in an oven that didn't take both at once) and the youngest one kept going late without a whinge in sight ..... My mum was ever so impressed by the fact that I'd got my brother in law a present he was delighted with and I seem to have a reputation for wrapping them well.

Now I have New Year projects:

- Sort out the kitchen, which is an awful muddle

- Operation Discover Waistline: I have spent too long celebrating getting my appetite back after losing it when I was ill, so it has disappeared. I need to get back to where it was immediately after I was ill, and then carry on so I am fit and ready to start studying again in September.

- Sort out the sitting room (muddle, as in kitchen above)

That's enough for now - too many and none will get done!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Long time ....

I didn't realise it was so long since I'd updated!! Reason being, there isn't much change at the moment, and I thought I'd spare you yet more comments on the weather!!

I've mainly been writing Christmass cards, ready to be taken to the post on my rare expeditions to the outside world (it takes longer to wrap up in the necessary layers of clothing than it does to go to the postbox) and those are now nearly done.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Plus ca change .....

Today can be summarized as more of the same. I hope I will soon have some time to get crafting - there are interesting challenges on Crafts by Carolyn every day in December: if you want inspiration for Christmassy makes, it's a good place to visit, and there are lots of people there who blog their craft makes (don't make exact copies, please: they put a lot of work into designing them and it's just not fair).

Monday, 1 December 2008


As usual I'm referring to the weather! After several days of being grey it was nice and sunny to look at (and the best thing is, I could stay inside!)

Let's get something more interesting on record!

I copied up the letter my mother had ready to send out for Christmass, which I will print when she has seen it. Decided to give people gift tokens for Christmass (because despite my asking, the likelihood of me getting a list out of anybody is .... I just know I won't). My sister has just had a major refurbishment of the ground floor of the house and new central heating (four months of the builders in, and renting a flat!!). I'm sure she must have things she would like to have to fit the new rooms, but whether she will ever tell me ....

I am a little further on in my own efforts to get my place up to scratch. The fig tree (thereby hangs a tale - large fig tree, far too large) is now cut down to the trunk, so I hope will be kept within bounds (and if not and I have to get rid, a major part of the work is done). I got it done just before the weather changed so will have much more light in the dull months of winter. A builder has come to look at the conservatory door and floor which both need attention, and I hope as a result the living room will be warmer, without the draught from the conservatory.


Well, as announced, I was out to Mass this morning. Then picked up bread and more (for the storecupboard - three months more of winter to come, at least, so the fewer the trips to the shops the better) and later in the afternoon to an ecumenical carol concert (singing by the local Anglican choir - a good one, which is why I went - and readings by everyone else, I think). Strictly speaking it is one of the Anglican choirs here, but it belongs to the oldest of the Anglican churches and is probably the biggest, so calling it the Anglican choir is accurate (but don't tell the others!). I picked up some leaflets about musical events they are having in December - good music five minutes from my door is good for my soul, my bank balance(compared to going into London) and my carbon footprint!! After that I went on to Mass.

Just in case you wonder, this does not mean I am a religious nut (though my Catholic faith is important to me): it just means it took me such ages to get out this morning that I only arrived half way through!! As I was already out tonight I had the necessary layers of clothing on, so this time around I arrived before it started!

All this meant that I in fact spent more time out than in today, and my feet still haven't got warm!! Well and truly time to dive under the duvet, where they will (even if it takes a bit longer than I'd like).