Monday, 1 December 2008


Well, as announced, I was out to Mass this morning. Then picked up bread and more (for the storecupboard - three months more of winter to come, at least, so the fewer the trips to the shops the better) and later in the afternoon to an ecumenical carol concert (singing by the local Anglican choir - a good one, which is why I went - and readings by everyone else, I think). Strictly speaking it is one of the Anglican choirs here, but it belongs to the oldest of the Anglican churches and is probably the biggest, so calling it the Anglican choir is accurate (but don't tell the others!). I picked up some leaflets about musical events they are having in December - good music five minutes from my door is good for my soul, my bank balance(compared to going into London) and my carbon footprint!! After that I went on to Mass.

Just in case you wonder, this does not mean I am a religious nut (though my Catholic faith is important to me): it just means it took me such ages to get out this morning that I only arrived half way through!! As I was already out tonight I had the necessary layers of clothing on, so this time around I arrived before it started!

All this meant that I in fact spent more time out than in today, and my feet still haven't got warm!! Well and truly time to dive under the duvet, where they will (even if it takes a bit longer than I'd like).

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