Friday, 28 November 2008

Yukky weather

The bad news is: the weather forecast was all too accurate.
The good news is: I'm hibernating! :) (until Sunday, when I will have to venture out to Mass).

I will probably have to pick up some bread as well, as I didn't get enough last time I went out (it was too late in the day). Sunday trading means I can do the two in one trip - strictly speaking I ought to be a conscientious objector to it, but it's a great help to me to have the option in this sort of weather, and I don't have a family who would lose out by it. I do think it is vital that employees can opt out without any loss to their prospects.

Church law forbids one from doing servile work on Sundays: the only thing that qualifies under that heading for me is doing Tax Returns. If you find me doing that on a Sunday I am right up against a Monday deadline ...... and yes, I did get our deacon to help me out with the last bit one Sunday afternoon recently (my brain was refusing to make sense of the adding up -. quite within my capabilities, but I just went blank on it). As he was performing an act of charity rather than work I wasn't leading him astray, and I had tried to make sense of it before, so hopefully I'm in the clear!!

Enough of those technicalities! I hope I have seen the last of the Tax Returns.

My immediate task is to copy up my mother's life story, which I am doing as she writes it - just the right thing to be doing in this horrid weather as I can stay inside, warm and cosy. :) Sometime I must join the Northumbrian Family History Society and do some research on her father during WW1 - he was one of the lucky ones who came back in one piece, though as he was MC and Bar and mentioned in despatches three or four times he must have seen some fighting. I'd like to find the citations for those honours.

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