Thursday, 27 November 2008

Cold, wet and windy!

The weather forecast promised another icy blast tomorrow so I decided to do my shopping today (riding a mobility scooter means you get to feel every little bit of wind that's blowing - which is no joke when it's coming straight down from the Arctic .... ). Have now got sufficient stamps for my mum's cards and my own, a couple more pressies and a couple more books (if I ever won the lottery the local bookshop would be the very first to know!) and am hibernating forthwith - no such thing as a quick trip to the shops as it takes me longer to don the extra layers than it does to get the shopping. Although my desktop gizmo says the temperature outside now is the same as it was yesterday, it feels cold (probably because it was wet today, which the forecast didn't say).

I hate winter - I think I must have been a lizard or a cat in a previous incarnation (our cat used to sit right in your way, but just where the pipes for the central heating ran under the floor) ... one of the reasons I like cats is because they know how to look after themselves: any self-respecting cat (and most are) can look at you with a pathos that suggests it hasn't been fed for at least a fortnight (the one that came visiting here and tried that one got short shrift - having had a cat at home I was wise to it!!)

I wouldn't want to lose winter altogether - I'd just like a lot less of it (the same amount as we got summer this year would be plenty) ...... and we have January and February still to come :( The pressies I got today were terribly boring and predictable - but I hope they'll suit the people concerned (and I'll tuck a little extra inside the parcel so it's not just practical).

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