Monday, 1 December 2008


As usual I'm referring to the weather! After several days of being grey it was nice and sunny to look at (and the best thing is, I could stay inside!)

Let's get something more interesting on record!

I copied up the letter my mother had ready to send out for Christmass, which I will print when she has seen it. Decided to give people gift tokens for Christmass (because despite my asking, the likelihood of me getting a list out of anybody is .... I just know I won't). My sister has just had a major refurbishment of the ground floor of the house and new central heating (four months of the builders in, and renting a flat!!). I'm sure she must have things she would like to have to fit the new rooms, but whether she will ever tell me ....

I am a little further on in my own efforts to get my place up to scratch. The fig tree (thereby hangs a tale - large fig tree, far too large) is now cut down to the trunk, so I hope will be kept within bounds (and if not and I have to get rid, a major part of the work is done). I got it done just before the weather changed so will have much more light in the dull months of winter. A builder has come to look at the conservatory door and floor which both need attention, and I hope as a result the living room will be warmer, without the draught from the conservatory.

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