Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Duvet day?

The sniffle I had at the weekend is now a snuffle and a cough, so I was tempted for a moment .....


- I just hate staying in bed (even when I am really ill)
- stew must be made (meat won't keep)
- I have a stack of washing up/tidying to do in the kitchen (before I can start cooking)
- Lying down does not help a cough
- It is not the lurgy, only an ordinary cold (so be thankful for small mercies)

Whichever of the lovely people who hugged me on Christmass day is the culprit I do not know, but the incubation period is about right for it to be one of them ;-)

I'm thinking of New Year projects (resolutions always sound like something you know will only live for 48 hours, so let's use a more positive title). I'm thinking of some short term and some longer term (might this keep the motivation going??) Some I know will be long term by nature, so to have some short term ones in there sounds good.

You will be glad to know that one of the shorter term ones is to add more interest to this blog - a little more colour at least, and if I can ever suss out how, a photo or two.

Update: Have done the first of these - there is now a little colour on here, so I hope it's a little more interesting to look at!

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