Sunday, 3 May 2009

Domesticity reigns!

I had hoped to deliver the Marie Curie cards to a fairly local craft shop, and gave them to a friend to take over (as it's on her way home) only to find that they should have been posted to the organisers direct .... and they don't have a freepost address. I will gladly make cards for a good cause, but if a firm are sponsoring it I would have expected them to arrange postage: I had assumed they would collect the cards from the same outlets as they had used to distribute the plastic sleeves for the cards, but no.

I have treated myself to a number of the distress inks (from a member of C by C who had them surplus to requirements) and meanwhile have been sorting my craft stuff - a long process! Necessary in this case because it was all over the sitting-room floor and my arm needed another go from the osteopath (who comes to me as it's awkward for me to get to her, and finds it easiest to work on the floor). So now the stuff is sorted in a general way (card, papers, peel-offs, stickers etc. all have their appointed place) but the fine-tuning is still to be done (embellishments need to be sorted by type, and the same goes for the peel-offs, of which I hope to have a whole lot less fairly soon!).

After the osteopath's previous visit I wondered why my knee was twingeing, as she had not worked on it to such an extent that it should. It was only when I did the second stint of tidying that I realised that all that kneeling on the floor (it's the only space large enough when I have lots of sorting to do) would have been quite enough to stress it out, particularly as I had no time to stop - the state the place was in I had to keep going till it was done!). So I asked her to work on that as well as my shoulder: result - Friday night I could hardly move! My knees ached like they were seriously bruised.

And all big sorting is banned for the immediate future! (Fortunately I can do the more detailed sorting sitting as I only do a part of the stuff at any one time.) And any tidying only to be done in small doses - hurrah! When I get back to studying I plan to spend the morning dealing with things domestic (I am not a morning person!) study in the afternoons, and make cards at the end of the day (nice relaxation before I go to sleep). That's the theory, anyway! ;-) There are sure to be diversions (shopping expeditions to Croydon!) and if I am due to hand in an assignment I will be studying all day for a week, without a doubt! I'd like to have Sunday off, too, as I think it's good to have a complete break as it can get to feel like a drudge, instead of the pleasure it really is, if you don't. One result of my enforced (and necessary) break is that I know now that I study because, fundamentally, I enjoy it, not just to prove a point or to give me something to do.

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