Friday, 6 November 2009

What the doctor ordered ... so very NOT!

The textbooks I had ordered from Amazon arrived yesterday - lovely new books and one looks fascinating. Unfortunately a cold came along too (definitely NOT on the plan!) and so I have a woolly head, which is not conducive to OT studies!

My shoulder still hurts a bit, so large scale practical work is not a good option (though if I could move enough stuff around to find another book it would be a help) and I have a sore thumb (so small scale practical work can only be done a little at a time).....

Annoying in the extreme! Neither facebook nor novels appeal (I'm ready to study) but I can't take any of the things that would clear my head because they aren't compatible with the stuff I have to take already .... frustration!!


Hazel said...

Hope the cold clears soon - are you sure you can't take anything else with your current meds? x

annmarie said...

Pretty sure - the decongestant ones don't mix and those are the ones I'd choose. I have to stick with paracetamol.