Saturday, 5 December 2009

progress (of a sort)

Parcel of craft goodies arrived and I have sorted the Secret Santa, ditto a pressie for a friend (which is a bit for now and more for Christmass). I just have to remember to take them with me to post next time I go out ;-) I was hoping to get most of Christmass sorted this weekend. Despite my determination to allow minimal disruption, the obligation I feel to do something is distracting me, so I hope to get as much as I can done tomorrow. I reckon I can get my cards out of the way now that it is December and then will only have to put stamps on them later, when the stamps arrive. I was hoping to do my mother's update for her, but it hasn't got here yet :-( means I will have to do it next week, as she is anxious about it.

Have decided tomorrow morning is the best option for Mass as it started raining tonight. Prefer the Vigil Mass, but it's dark and cold (and the church heating isn't effective enough - it's warmed up by the morning!)

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