Saturday, 31 October 2009

Study calls!

I still have an iffy shoulder and I am still short of sleep! A loud THUD on the floor on Thursday heralded the arrival of the second year coursebooks and essay deadlines, so I will be hard at it as of Monday. I am already past the first deadline as I was doing exams, so I will have to give the more detailed work a miss: one thing I am determined not to do again is to have coursework outstanding at exam time!

One recommendation in the coursebook runs like this: "only recommended to those who relish the challenge of exploring the approaches of unadulterated modern German Biblical scholarship" Thus will be thorough, hard work and time-consuming, I have no doubt! If I were not already behind I might have been tempted ... but as I am ... see above (and no crocodile tears). I must get on to the Amazon site and find the more suitable alternatives. Ditto my OT history textbook ... where on earth is that??

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