Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sleepyhead - still!

I am getting way too familiar with the output of the World Service! Sensible people are fast asleep under the duvet until at least 7.30, not awake at 5 am! At least I can now drop off during the day ... I am so glad I am shot of the little madam who was (not) doing my garden earlier in the year.

There is no way I would have allowed her anywhere near here once I started studying again, and I would have used the fact that I had course fees to pay to explain why I didn't want to spend any more. My family thought I would have fallen for her sob storiea but I had already made my mind up and would not have budged: she did not mix with study and that was that; I would not have been prepared to risk my studies for her silly nonsense.

Why do I mention her? Her successor came today and did the garden: we have bulbs planted front and back and as it has been warm and wet I hope they are growing nice and fat so they have a good chance of coming up in the Spring. I have not (yet) seen evidence of squirrels trying to dig them up and so hope they are safe; another advantage of the warmer weather just now might be that the squirrels have plenty to eat and don't need to raid my bulbs as they did the daffodils at home in the last years we were there. I await the arrival of the yellow crocuses to see if all I have done is provide a tasty snack for the birds: I would have got all purple ones, but I got a mixed box and that included yellow ones (which I love to see, but the birds love to eat!)

My shoulder is a little better, but will take at least three days to recover so no heaving things around for the moment.

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