Thursday, 16 July 2009

Half alive???

Not updated for some time. The relationship between my modem and the Ethernet cable which came into its life along with Windows Vista has never been easy (lots of persuasion needed to get modem to recognise the connection, usually involving plugging and unplugging and/or wiggling of leads)and on Saturday it finally broke down: no amount of wiggling, waggling, plugging or unplugging would persuade my Inernet connection to work :( :(

Contacted Virgin, who said I needed a new modem and they would send same. Same is now up and running (obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this!!!) One thing is for sure, giving up Internet access for Lent would be impossible - I'd be so bad-tempered it would be misery for all around!! And I do actually need it as a means of communication and, sometimes, to get around the mobility problem: where I cannot easily go in person I can easily go online.

Other than pacing the floor and wondering what is happening in my absence, I have been sorting out my application to study in September. I have dawdled so much in First Year that my original application has lapsed: a bit embarrassing to have to contact my referees again, but if my case is convincing enough it should not be a worry - just have to get it sorted.

Dentist is done - but more to come. I have to return to have a tooth out: NOT NICE, but better than it flaring up at some inconvenient time (like the morning of a philosophy exam!!) which it has done more than once (thank heavens for paracetamol and codeine!). So there is a potential problem there which is better out of the way (and once I've been brave, that will, hopefully be IT).

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