Sunday, 19 July 2009

Have been chilling most of this week. Must get my application finished and posted (trust the PO to go on strike just at the right moment!) and start studying - it is becoming urgent and the more I can do the better chance I have of getting through. Besides which, NOT studying leaves me feeling as though I've done nothing worthwhile ... yes I could sort out the house from top to bottom, BUT it is slow, soul-destroying work and best done in small doses with plenty else to fill the rest of the day. It would be nice to have the kitchen free of washing-up and the sitting room more-or-less presentable, so I can study most of the time and just top up the domestic as and when (M+S do the cooking when the study gets urgent!!) The conservatory door must be done as it is just too cold in winter (and therefore unnecessarily costly to heat the rest of the house) and the same goes for the bathroom. After that we will pause. It's a shame my break from studying, and therefore the time when I am at a loose end, comes just when the people who do things go on holiday: August would be the right time to organise such things.

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