Thursday, 23 July 2009

Goodbye, twice over

I have finished the book on the July 20th plot (a slim volume).

Yesterday was somewhat traumatic. I had a big filling fall out when I was ill a couple of years ago, following which the tooth gradually broke leaving only a little spike. When I eventually got to the dentist it was beyond repair and she said it should best come out. From time to time I got toothache but not so often it was a problem, so I let sleeping dogs lie (the more so as I and the dentist thought it would be a right awkward job getting it out - I wasn't looking forward to that at all!!) However, I mentioned it to her when she repaired a tooth last week, thinking to have it done in September. She booked me in for this week, so yesterday saw me en route for the dentist after a large early lunch (eating and drinking banned for three hours after the event!). I had a short time in the waiting room (until then I was not particularly nervous, but I dread to think what my blood pressure was doing once I got there .. ).

It all went much better than expected - a minimum of pulling and tugging and no alarming cracking noises. Paracetamol and codeine took care of the ache that came on when the anaesthetic wore off and by the middle of the night it had settled down (though now there is a twinge - so paracetamol tonight, I think, just to be sure it doesn't keep me awake)

The best thing is, it won't now surprise me at an inconvenient moment by aching like fury (what is it about toothache that is so penetrating?). It's always had a tendency to grumble and I didn't want it to do so at the wrong moment (like on the morning of an exam!) so once rid all I have to worry about is the philosophy ....

Unfortunately I'm still short of sleep as I woke up early and didn't get back to sleep :( Can't make that one out! Have at last removed all the passe fruit and veg from the kitchen, so hope the fruit flies will now take flight elsewhere. How come we never got them in the kitchen at home? I need a closed container for compostables but all I can find is a family sized one.

Short and sweet today - I'm yawning my head off so an early night!

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