Sunday, 18 January 2009


Took advantage of the better weather to do some shopping on Friday - and (I'm as sure as I can be) got my purse snatched out of my zipped bag!! :( Upside: it happened after I had done the necessary shopping and when the bank was still open, so reported it at once. Downside: the resultant hassle of being without the necessary plastic for at least this week and losing my student card (useful ID and the only photo of me that is half way bearable to look at!!).

What a hassle, but has to be done. Hope the **** gets caught using the plastic!! (Highly likely ... NOT).

Otherwise, not much to say .... mum's birthday this week, so hope to make a cake and have to tidy to make the sitting room fit for purpose (she is bound to notice the bit I haven't done .... because it doesn't worry me enough to be worth the hassle: good enough rather than perfection is all I aim for!!). Something (as distinct from nothing) needs doing anyway, and I still have to sort the craft stuff (which has been moved out for said visit, so will be harder to sort).

It's not a place I've wanted to sit in cold weather, but I now have an additional heater so I can supplement the central heating (judging by both the John Lewis website and the local ironmonger having sold out, I was not the only chilly mortal in the land ;-) )

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Hazel said...

Sorry to hear about the purse - as you say, such a hassle. Glad to hear you got another heater - hope you are warm and toastie! x