Friday, 2 January 2009

Today's the day!

For me to start my New Year projects!

Which meant I skipped butter on the toast (good move, didn't miss it, so that leaves scope for a little indiscretion somewhere else). Lunch is already prepared, so I might tackle the washing up instead of cooking - I swear to it, if you leave even as much as a teaspoon in the sink it breeds! Whatever, the washing up seems to pile up .....

After lunch I'll dig out my book and do some study: I miss it, and will definitely go back to it in September (assuming I will be accepted for another bite at the cherry: the last bite was more a series of ineffective nibbles, but I'm starting from a different place this time). I am looking forward to re-visiting a book I read after A Levels - Henri Daniel-Rops' account of the Catholic Reformation (aka the Counter-Reformation). It has the advantage of having been written in modern times, but (just) before Vatican II, which means the Council of Trent is its reference point. Thus it gives a picture of the influence that Council had before it was superceded by Vatican II. From what I remember, there should be some nice juicy quotes in there ..... handy for the emphasis our new course director puts on Trent. It will be revision for me, because I read quite a lot about it when I was at uni first time around.

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Hazel said...

Hope you got the washing up done! As for the book, not the lightest of after-lunch reading! Thought you were giving the studying a miss this year?