Thursday, 8 January 2009


I went to look at the Capture the Magic sale and bought some good things - papers (I'm loving Paisley at the moment) among which is the Paisley Christmass one I missed getting earlier. I have to be careful, because if they're 12x12 scrapbooking ones they're often too large in scale to use for cards, but I hope I've chosen right. I've tried to stick to things that will go with what I already have (which is why I went for sheets of paper, not pads - I don't need so many of the same design - and I've tried to get colours I haven't got: masculine blues). My brother has acquired a stepson, so I have to learn to think 'boy'!! Doesn't help that sport for me is the longest yawn in history .... I got some horsey stickers, too, because I have peel-offs of horses (back to girly again!).

I have got more than one of some - the Christmass one (I might make packs of cards) and one or two of the others: I'm hoping to cover some boxes and I'll probably need a bigger piece than 6x6, and more than one if I need to practise!! as undoubtedly I will!

I am still chilly - not good for the health, and it's not that I don't dare put the heating up; I've done that and it's still cold in here. John Lewis no longer had the little heater I was thinking of getting, so I must be one of many who feels the need of a heat boost just now. I've known this house chilly before, but not so much so that the heating system can't cope (and that despite the fact that it was a bit warmer outside today - not that I was going to test it myself - my desktop gizmo told me!).

I tried to put a comment on the Salt site, but it told me I had the wrong username/password :( despite the fact that I got on here - tomorrow is another day and I'll try again. The theme is 'self-control' and my immediate thought is the necessity of said virtue if my New Year project is to succeed! So my LO would feature the tools I need to do the job and the words of St Paul on running with patience the race that is set before us - I expect results after two days, and the race concerned is a marathon not a sprint!! I won't get it done, because I still have to learn to use the camera to do the photos (not to speak of finding the items in question - at the moment I'm working from memory, having done it before).

Salt, if you don't know it, is a site belonging to a group of Christian crafters who like to express their faith through the crafts they enjoy, so if that sounds like you, saunter over for a look.

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