Saturday, 21 February 2009

Best laid plans

A whole week since the last update!

At least you've been spared the blow-by-blow account of the weather (from the North?).

I decided to go into Croydon and take back the trousers that weren't right (especially as it was half term, so no unruly kids :) ) only to find the trams weren't running that far as they were repairing the track ... they did assure me it was due to finish that day, so will be back.

Am trying to find a dustbin (oh, the interesting things that occupy my time!) that I can order on the Internet for delivery (small mobility scooter meets even small dustbin might make for a journey home a little too awkward for comfort!!). How come kitchen bins are only made in a size appropriate to a ravenous family, by the way?? I don't want to keep that much rubbish inside, especially if the weather ever gets hot (!)

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