Thursday, 12 February 2009


It felt relatively benign outside yesterday, so I decided to go to Croydon to replace worn-out trousers, once I had disposed of the rubbish that had accumulated though there being a barricade of snow outside the front door last week.

By the time I was ready to go it had clouded over and by the time I got back it was throwing it down with great enthusiasm - I think the weather sees me coming (or going?) and changes appropriately!! I skipped putting the paper out for recycling as I had intended to do on my return - domestic rubbish I have to have ready, but the recycling I can take to the sites in town if I miss getting it out. I am so glad I have my little heater and can warm up and dry out fairly quickly if I am the victim of such capriciousness. Otherwise, I am glad to say, I have adjusted to the cold a bit and am no longer quite so affected by it.

Nonetheless - I can't wait for Spring! And next time I go to Croydon, I will come back after 4 pm - I coincided with hoardes of schoolkids on the tram, though I had left early enough to avoid the like swarming down the high street as I left - they move like a crowd of locusts and don't look where they're going!!

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