Friday, 27 February 2009

Lovely day!

So I am writing this before dashing out to the shops. This week has been good, weatherwise, so I am enjoying the last of it before it goes back to cold, wet and windy (winter's last fling, I hope) next week.

It is the seventh anniversary of the Crafts by Carolyn forum mid-March, and my own fifth anniversary on that forum too!

This calls for a celebration!

So I am offering Forum candy: any members of CbyC who drop by here 12th March will be eligible for a draw on 13th March. Please leave a comment and a means of contact.

Between now and then I will have to get a photo on here so you know what is on offer!! As my family gave me a great digi-camera for Christmass just so I could liven up my life on-line, this will be no bad thing. My birthday is towards the end of March and I will have egg all over (not just on my face!) if I haven't even had it out of the box! Then I will have to suss out how to get the photos on here .......

This last little while has been eventful - my best mate is in the process of medical tests for what is almost certainly cancer, which at best will mean unpleasant medical treatment - for the moment she is easily tired and finds certain things painful and awkward to do. I need to find the right place between taking account of her health and not pussyfooting around, between expressing concern and making a nuisance of myself, and some things I was planning (a joint garage sale as soon as the weather was good enough - possibly in the Easter hols) will have to be put on hold. That is unfortunate (to call it a nuisance wouldn't be right, but it does need doing because I need the space ....)

Well that is the intention for my Lenten observances sorted at least, along with some extra motivation!! (What BBC suit decided to screen the final of Masterchef the first week of Lent, I wonder ..... ???) I'm really glad with who won it because he was a family man and they must have been involved, if only because of the time he spent doing it. It seems they will be part of what he does as a result too, and I hope it goes really well for them.

This year I am not so much 'giving up' for Lent as using what I already have in the freezer - waste not, want not - appropriate in a world where we waste resources while others have not enough. My other objective is to eat more healthily, so less: as I use what I have I can replace it with better. If I can make time to do some cooking, I will be able to avoid the salt in ready meals (how come they do low fat, but never low salt which is just as important?).

Easter should see me with things properly organised and a freezer full of good things to eat, both tasty and good for my health.

Must away!


H said...

Good luck with the pics Annmarie :)
You will find you start taking pics of everything :):)
I thought the right person won MS aswell :)

Traceys-Crafts said...

{{hugs}} for your friend, hope she recovers well & is treatable. A lot of people do recover fully from cancer. I hope you do continue in your war against the clutter ( I know I am still trying, but its so slow, even when i try). You may want to look at my new blog ( one step at a time). I hope you use your camera soon, doesn't have to be any fancy settings, auto will be fine, & you are able to upload the pics to your Pc ( & then here if you want). I want to see you smile with achievement. Take care :) xxx

Hazel said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures - once you start there will be no stopping you! x

mamaluke said...

Thank you for your comment on Slat, so fascinating, and a great `happy' accident, thank you for taking time to let us know. God Bless you x

Hazel said...

I echo Ruth's comment x