Monday, 9 March 2009

Fits and starts

Seems to describe most things: the weather (winter seems to be giving more comeback performances than Sinatra! :(), my Lenten observances (though I am gradually tightening up on those, I think, as I get more into it) and last but not least, this 'ere blog - oh, I forgot - the washing up, too!

The friend who wanted a cookery lesson came yesterday, and went away bearing my demo Victoria sponge and very delighted with it. I hope I remembered to tell her everything important as I was doing it: the cake was OK so I can't have omitted anything drastic, but it's so easy to assume someone knows something just because it has become second nature to you and you are not even aware of doing it (as I sometimes discovered teaching German). Hopefully I have had enough teaching experience that I did better than when I demo'd on my teaching course - the tutor remarked that whatever I did demo-ing was NOT for me!! That time I had to do it 'back to front' so it was right way round for the audience, which I found really difficult (and it obviously was!) but this time my 'student' was looking over my shoulder as I did it, so I could work right way round. I have another easy recipe which she might like to learn too, just to have a bit of a change.

I never was any good in the kitchen at home: my sister was the practical one, who was allowed to cook (and did Home Economics O Level). I did the washing up (and I'm better at that than some people who come into my kitchen and kindly have a stab at doing their bit, though I'd never tell them as they mean so well). So it's quite a turnup for the book having my cakes so good that people say so and want to know how!!

This Thursday is the seventh birthday of the Crafts by Carolyn Forum, so do hop along there and see what's happening. There are lots of interesting crafty things going on, and lots of odd bits of info on all sorts of things else - whatever you need to know there's usually someone who can help around there. (Current concerns include getting rid of mice and growing veggies.) I hope my prospective blog candy arrives in time - I've yet to suss out how to get a photo on here, so I need it YESTERDAY! Fortunately the celebrations are continuing for the weekend, so I may change the date if I have to: I'll post it on here if I do.

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Hazel said...

Glad the sponge was a success x