Thursday, 26 March 2009


My mother, sister and I are going out to lunch today for Mothering Sunday and my birthday, so I've found this card for her from my box. It doesn't have Mother's Day greetings on it (just as well as that has come and gone, and I am going boss-eyed thinking the paper isn't on straight - if it isn't, and it very much looks like it!, the white being the card blank, she will notice!) but it's a pretty card and will go with the sweet pea kit I bought from Sainsbury's - I saw it and remembered she had said she loved sweet peas, so I hope they won't be too much trouble for her to look after. My uncle used to grow sweet peas in the garden at home and I still remember those.

We enjoyed lunch - my sister works as a special needs teacher for dyslexia and the like, and was filling us in on some of the ways she works, and my mother loved the card, even though it was about the easiest one I could have made.

I've also got some cards for kids to show you - there's a challenge on C by C at the moment for kids' cards. I'm not sure these will count, as in the immortal Blue Peter phrase: "Here's one (or two) I made earlier.", but I haven't been able to show them before because I didn't know how to!!


Hazel said...

Good to see your crafting. Hope you all had a good lunch x

Jackie said...

Well done for finally showing the world your work Annmarie :)

LisaBabe said...

Glad to see you've mastered the photo thing Annmarie. Hope to see more soon.