Sunday, 22 March 2009

My very first piccie!!

Now for a major event:

(imagine a drum roll or fanfare, at the very least)


I have made another of the challenge items from the C by C birthday list - two tags:

(I'm not quite sure how that shadow got onto the scan ... but the image is reasonably good).

I used papers from the same pad as the one I used on the gift bag I made for the first challenge I did:

The challenge asked for a tag, or even better, two .. so two I did.
I came across a pink tag and a blue one, so I thought I do a his and hers, and the papers I already had out were a great match. Pink seems to be the colour for men recently so that fits, too. (If anyone knows a pair of twins and needs tags ....)

For those who'd like to know: papers are K & Co, ribbons and fibres from the Crafts by Carolyn shop, tags sent me by someone on the forum.

That's the good news. This week I also have some news that is not so good: my best mate has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and has been referred to St Thomas'. Not entirely unexpected as she has been unwell for some time and the blood tests she had earlier in the year were a strong indication of that being likely. At minimum it will require an operation, possibly chemo as well. That last is something I wouldn't wish on anybody. And the result will not be a cure ..... things have developed from her feeling uncomfortable with the tumour to it being painful and obstuctive in a comparitively short time, and that concerns me somewhat.

That is a bit of a blow for those who expect life to be fair (and we usually do, especially if we have been taught to share as children, so nobody hogs the lion's share for himself). It's hard when someone you know is always willing to help other people gets hit by something like that (and some who have definitely not added to human wellbeing live into a ripe old age). It isn't the first time and it won't be the last .... because life isn't fair .... at least it doesn't appear to be. Maybe we will only know in the next world why .... maybe it is just not for us to know .....


Traceys-Crafts said...

Well Done Annmarie, there will be no stopping you now :D
Sorry to hear abut your friend, Sadly to many are touched by Cancer, Life does not seem fair, but a lot of people do recover {{hugs}}.

Hazel said...

Praying for your friend. Well done for getting the scans on here - lovely to see your crafting - I'm sure there'll be lots more now x