Friday, 20 March 2009

Spring! :)

Today is, apparently, the first day of Spring! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

So as I haven't updated for a little while, I thought I'd add to this.

My brother used to run a deli and enjoyed thinking up unusual sarnie combos, but I can be fairly sure he didn't come up with the strange culinary mix that was lunch on Tuesday .....

Haggis, rice and ratatouille!!

You may well ask what led to that unusual event .... if you remember, my Lent project was to use some of the stuff in my freezer and not buy so much new: that explains the Haggis (which had been in the freezer for a long time). The rice, similarly, was something from the storecupboard that needed using, and the ratatouille was the result of not wanting to stop and cook veggies (which also explains the rice, because I didn't want to stop and peel spuds either .... ). To add to the culinary confusion, the rice was pilau rice, so had a distinct flavouring of its own!!

I'm not sure I'd do it again - though I might try it with plain wholegrain rice, because I think it was the pilau bit that really made it a little too strange to be really appealing to the taste (though I wouldn't go so far as to call it unpleasant: there's lots worse, cauliflower cheese for a start!).

As for my Lent project in general: mixed bag! For the first time in ages there is some room in the freezer. Usually this is immediately filled by a bargain ready meal or whatever, but this time I must resist!! There's plenty in there still and I really do need to defrost and start again from fresh. The healthy eating/weightloss side of it is having limited success and I need to tighten up on that, probably by writing down what I consume. As I have mobility problems and therefore cannot stand on electronic scales and get a steady reading, that is the only way I can check progress while I wait for it to show in reduced bulges. Whyever they make scales so complicated I do not see: I don't need to know my BMI, I have enough bulges telling me I need to lose weight!! (and they are really there, not a figment of my imagination! and no, I am not putting up a photo to prove it!! )

I am still busy with events on the Crafts by Carolyn forum - lots of challenges still outstanding. I have been trying to sort out some of my little bits of craft stuff, as I spend more time looking for things than making things, and get frustrated knowing I have just the right thing if only I could find it!!

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