Wednesday, 25 March 2009


This time it is mine, so I thought I'd share two of the cards that arrived:

This one is from my brother in law - love the design (which has a bit of sparkle that doesn't show up) and the sentiment inside: "Wishing you a lovely birthday and a very happy year." so hope my sister will forgive him for taking precedence as he's signed it as from my sister and nephew, too. Congrats, too, as it arrived before the day.

This one's from my brother:

who said: "A wee card for your birthday with a picture to dream about!" Not such a wee card, and as I have recovered enough from being ill I can do more than dream ... maybe tonight I will have a glass from one of my collection of bottles (which I suspect are of somewhat humbler origin than these). My brother always teases me about the (modest) stash I have, so maybe it's time to consume a little.


Calv said...

Lovely cards annmarie....and a big happy birthday from me and Maddy!!! :)

Have a great day.

maddy hill said...

Happy Birthday Anne Marie ! super cards you got !

have a great day !
love maddy x

Hazel said...

Happy Birthday, Annmarie - lovely cards - enjoy your tipple! x