Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Back to business

Time to get back to business today! So I am wondering which is the most urgent/appealing of the tasks on my plate .... near the top of the list must be the kitchen, which is the most awful disorganised muddle (much of it washing up to do!). I hardly have space to eat, leave alone to cook .... (just as well M+S are doing that today and all I have to do is put it in the oven!! ;-) ) Actually, working my way through a pile of washing up is something I find rewarding (it probably helps that it is self-generated and I am not dealing with stuff that other people have used and left, which would most likely make me cross!).

The Red Cross shop has bags for sale, the sort that are being sold everywhere now for you to use for your shopping, so I got some to use for the things that are all over the floor - like the pile of books waiting to go, the newspapers for recycling .... All there because it's the most convenient place (and if they are not visible I will forget to take them!) but the bags will keep them together (and look as though there's method in my madness, rather than looking like I just can't be bothered). It will not be so long before my mother is back. I'd like to have her come to visit and appearances matter to her (I can turn a blind eye). I also took clothes for recycling so that's that more gone that I don't have to tidy again! At least now I can go out without having to wrap up, so I can make a trip when I like, not just when I absolutely have to: whether I dare put my jumpers away is another matter - maybe the thickest ones?

The other thing I must keep up is my Lent resolutions (limited success on those so far). The freezer is as full as ever (though I think some of that is because it is even more iced up) so all the more reason to use what is there as it needs defrosting badly. Warmer weather means that chicken salad and fruit have a bit more appeal, so maybe some hope for the waistline, too.

Tonight I must do the draw for blog candy, so I can let people know who has struck lucky.

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