Tuesday, 21 April 2009

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I have some of the earlier little birdie (have yet to use him) and love the style. Stamping is one of those things I intend getting into - I have just discovered the how-to that Carolyn wrote, so hopefully that will save me some false starts! But right now the task is to make some cards by the end of the month, so for the moment I will stick with what I already have/know. I have this little window of opportunity to give to others: it may not last long, so I have to enjoy it now - a surprise for a friend, something given to a cause I believe in .....

I have continued to sort out, and in the process read again the letter telling me how much I need to pay for heating next year: that is going to make quite a dent in my finances as they are both collecting the arrears that are the result of last winter (fair enough) and basing their estimate for next year on this year's usage. Given that this winter was the coldest for 20 years, I hope it is an occasional blip rather than the norm for my outgoings (!!) which they are presuming it will be! As I have the money right now, I must contact them and ask if I can pay the additional amount in one installment, and possibly some in advance. As they only adjust their figures once a year (and anyway, the summer period would not be a good indication) I will have to wait until next year to see what it is actually costing me. I must also see to replacing the conservatory door: not being able to shut that must have added to my expenses as there was a draught from outside and for the first time since I moved here I could not get warm. A new door will also be double glazed and better insulated which should do even more to ensure that I don't waste money heating the cold from outside.

She with the tendency to bright ideas came to do some work in the garden - there is plenty of ground elder to clear - down to earth work which needs doing and will keep her out of mischief! I learned from GQT that that nuisance was introduced into this country - I wonder precisely who we have to thank for that .....

I should contact my course director soon: September will come all too quickly, so I need to start getting things organised (and I have plenty of reading to do .... ). I seem to be filling my time with plenty else meanwhile (see above!)

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