Saturday, 25 April 2009

Kitchen drama!

I had planned a really lazy lunch for today - all cooked in the microwave. Got both parts ready and was taking the chicken in sauce over to eat it .... when I dropped it on the floor!! The good news is, it landed right side up, so I could still eat nearly all of it!! But I had tomato sauce all over the floor (and in the most surprising places!) so my quick lunch was delayed while I cleared it up (and I didn't dare put it back in the microwave in case I dropped it again!). It is quite amazing just how far tomato sauce can splash!! I was given some very cheap microwave dishes, and they are awkward to carry because the lids don't fit properly ... maybe I should invest in some new ones ...

Otherwise, nothing much doing today apart from usual Mass and making cards. One long-standing project is a step nearer action: my neighbour has given me the name of a glazier in our parish who might be able to do my conservatory door. He phoned me today and is coming on Tuesday to see what needs doing. I will look forward to being able to close that door, and lets hope my estimated bill is even more way out than I suspect it will be! And it will keep the foxes out, too - a fox leaving his calling card on the floor is even worse than a slug coming to visit (which they do if it's hot in the summer).

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