Monday, 13 April 2009

Misty Monday

Another lazy day of chilling out .....

Meandered to Mass this morning (well, it was warm-ish, and I had to go to the shops anyway) followed by a leisurely breakfast toastie at the coffee shop. Then to the shops, ending at M+S. Only time will tell whether my purchase of a pair of cropped trousers is canny forward planning or reckless optimism!! Whichever, it is a suitable compromise between overexposure (sight for sore eyes) and being shy (not my style) and useful as for so much of our summer the weather is not quite what it could be.

Must now get organised as I intend making some cards for the Marie Curie appeal this week - I have so much stash and there is a limit to how many cards I can sell myself. This year is a window of opportunity for me to do something for others, too: next year I'll be back to studying, I hope.

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