Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Candy winner, sorting.

Picking the blog candy winner is first on the list today .....

and after I did my thing with, the person top of the list was:


sorry to keep everyone in suspense overnight! I was just so tired last night I would have left someone out, so I did it just now after a good night's sleep.

I am looking for the papers I want to use for my Marie Curie cards and cannot for the life of me find them! I must start on them today and hope to get a good few done. The ones I ordered from Arty Miss have arrived, so at least I have some of the daffodils to choose from.

Meanwhile, I have spent the morning sorting my (vast) collection of peel-offs into a concertina folder so I can find the one I want more easily. I didn't realise I had such a stack - I know I tend to buy just in case I can't find the same one again. Nowadays I prefer to use die-cuts, but these are quick and easy and best for a batch of cards - a step further towards the Marie Curie cards, as I intend using quite a number on those. and if I have them in some sort of order I won't spend so much time looking for the one I want ..... somewhere.

One more stage in the sorting out process which needs to be done right through the house (!!!) and it has freed up a box which I can use for various Christmassy bits, which I think are worth keeping separate as you do only use those for a limited time.


Ferretti said...

wowee that's me I never win anything!! thankyou so much Annmarie thats such a lovely suprise, it is really generous of you to offer blog candy xxxx

Ferretti said...
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Sugar Brown said...

Congrats on your win

annmarie said...

Ferretti, you were so excited you posted the same comment twice!

So I deleted one ... and the surprise is now on its way - enjoy!